Best SEO Companies | How do you choose? August 2016

Choosing the Best SEO Company? Top 10 SEO Companies – or even Top 100 SEO Companies?


What do you do when you need an SEO Company?  What makes a good SEO Company? Maybe you’re a Marketing Manager and been asked to find the best SEO?

Maybe you’re a Marketing Manager and been asked to find the best SEO? Maybe you’re a startup company looking for Growth?

You usually start with…with Google.

Search terms to use?  Maybe SEO? SEO Company? SEO Company + City …

oh oh…what do you see?

Have you seen how crowded the front page is now on Google? 3-4 paid adverts at the top half of the page, maybe some maps, and 100’s of companies competing against each other for your Business.

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Picking up the phone, you make contact and find out soon enough that they’re all saying the same things….. You need to be number 1 page or you get nothing, you need to be the top keyword for your industry or you’re behind the competition.

How do they get every company on the front page for every keyword? Is this a reality or a pipe dream? They say they are the best SEO and others could cheat and could harm your site…which SEO Company do you believe?

Some of them state they are the Top SEO Company on review sites, but who are judging the factors involved here and you seriously believe these websites actually audit these SEO Companies for how they manage the client’s campaigns? It’s impossible.

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How do you judge the top 10 SEO companies? I think it’s very difficult, next to impossible, but time will tell as our website evolves and we dig deeper into the SEO Companies in the market, and ultimately track results in the market.

But for now, how can a website suggest they know the top 10 SEO companies or top 100 SEO companies even? Do they seriously audit every SEO Companies hundreds of clients? I do not think so. The big question is…How much money changed hands to take out these awards on these so called Top 100 SEO websites? Let’s think about this. How can you say you’re the best SEO on another Companies website when they have no insight on the floor to what these Companies are doing for their clients, and having not talked to any of the clients of the SEO companies?

Maybe the SEO companies clients are in a particular industry? Maybe Trades based Businesses and they are trying to woo your business. If you’re a new Medical Company online, then how does a trades based business SEO success relate to your company?

How are they getting results behind the scenes also, are they doing everything by the book? Google will penalise YOUR Company NOT them if they do things now to short cut your success for the future.

Here are some things to look for and also not to take too seriously in choosing the best SEO Companies in Australia.

  1. Don’t just find the prettiest website. Good looking websites do not make great SEO Companies. Usually, top web designers do NOT make great SEO companies as they do not create great content, maybe not aware of your onsite SEO requirements or the correct methods to convert your websites over in any migration, and long-term growth with great link building options could be weak.
  2. The top 5 ranking companies  in your location must be the best SEO companies? You should know a few things about how some website rank. If the website is of considerable age and trust e.g. been around for a decade IN your location it MAY rank top 3 positions by merit only. Does this make them the best choice for your nationwide product you’re launching?  Possibly not.  They rank because Google sees them being the oldest, not the best, in a localised area not National.
  1. Biggest must be the best. They are making millions in SEO profits and must be doing the right thing.

Yes, and No. Larger Companies usually do well in marketing and sales and even ranking, because they invest in their own Brand and their Business. Spending possibly hundreds of thousands in AdWords, social marketing, and their own brand marketing – thus getting hundreds of clients. It does not necessarily mean they are going to push that investment into YOUR website.

They will usually have good structure,  and one would hope the infrastructure for great service and opportunities.  But, do not put your sole decision on the size of the Company – as the EXA liquidation was a great example of a very big Company liquidating in Australia and leaving hundreds of Companies stranded.

You might find smaller SEO companies or an SEO working from his bedroom, could provide you better service, better content, advice, and opportunity. Do not write off the smaller individual or consultant able to help you, it depends on your needs and budgets.

How to choose the Best SEO?


What do you actually need as a Company? Every person and company have different needs. Have you educated yourself enough to understand what you need? You best do this quickly.

Do you need a one-time SEO audit, or maybe removing bad links? Maybe poor reputation online? Link building? PPC management, content marketing, or one of the other 20 services SEO firms frequently offer?

If you forget the technical stuff…some of the best SEO advice is quite simply…what do you need? More Sales?  More clients? In some cases, it is NOT traffic.  I can get you a lot of traffic, but it’s the TYPE of traffic you want that is important, not spam traffic…and importantly often your conversion of that traffic is MORE important, so your content and your website are actually JUST as important.

More Sales?  More clients? In some cases, it is NOT traffic.  I can get you a lot of the wrong traffic, but it’s the TYPE of traffic going to the right messages you want that is important, not spam traffic…and importantly often your conversion of that traffic is MORE important, so your content and your website are actually JUST as important.

How much growth do you need in the next 12 months? How many more leads?

Without the end goal understood, you will have nothing to measure your SEO on.  SEO will not bring you profits in the first month, and you must look at this an amazing  longer term growth, and have an end goal or timelines for an ROI.

If you know your goals, you can then talk to the SEO about this continually – not just ranking page one and hoping. You need the SEO Company to do everything possible to get you your results. In a lot of cases , it is NOT just SEO but a growth hacking mindset that is required.

By this I mean your SEO brings you traffic from ANY source e.g. YouTube videos, Facebook adverts, AdWords, SEO, twitter or whatever method to get you results. This holistic goal approached method will help your SEO as well.  Google does not want to see you simply trying to manipulate rankings in its search engine; it wants to trust you’re doing business in a lot of channels outside of Google as well.

Finally…Get multiple consultations.

Get the SEO companies involved to provide you education and insight. They need to impress you, and you need to choose wisely. Get a feel for how they do business, which clients they have done good work for are, and if they are in similar channels. It might benefit you more if they have done great work for a competitor, even though it sounds strange, they have proven they can do it for your industry.

LicensedSEO offers you the ability to get quotes from trusted SEO companies and as these SEO Companies are being asked to quote THROUGH our website they will do everything by the book for you, and ensure they give you professional service long term.

Get case studies and references – and ensure you ask them who they have helped in your industries before. Investigate their credentials or if they are a start-up or smaller SEO, ensure you engage one on one strategy, and plans to win in the SEO race.

A good SEO firm executes tactically, and Top SEO Companies are very creative. Get to know their backgrounds, their visions, and their culture internally – and if you can, maybe take a look at their workplace.

Setting clear goals, getting multiple bids, and listening to case studies –that’s how you ensure you’ll hire the right SEO firm.

Sometimes you will find the best SEO Companies are undiscovered, and may not have that many case studies…so there are times you need to use your gut feeling. You might find that many companies who do not have case studies are simply so busy doing great things that they are NOT asking their clients for feedback. Larger Companies have the staff and financial means to spend the time to hunt out and create great Case studies.  It’s strange but true.

Our Community SEO website would love your feedback.

Have you hired an SEO firm? How did you make choose the best SEO Company for your requirements?