• Why should I use LicensedSEO?

    SEO and Marketing is an unregulated industry, essentially your putting your Companies online business brand into a stranger’s hands not knowing if they are approved or have any skills. We are here to help you to find, and support, and alert of issues in the Global Marketing place.’

    • Submit to approvedSEO companies direct from our site your project, and even multiple tenders. Often we will ensure you have been contacted in time, and if not we will direct new Businesses to help you.
    • We do not take commissions from preferred suppliers, unlike other Comparison sites we don’t ask for 10-20% of the Job amount – so you do not get charged extra!
    • Premium LicensedSEO Companies should provide you better service, as we provide them many leads, and they want to ensure best reviews from you on our site
    • We help you when a Company may fall over on their promises , services or even shuts the doors
    • It’s FREE to search and submit to any of the Companies!
  • Why can I see all the Companies on your site? We could just contact them direct couldn’t we?

    Sure! We hope you do!

    Remember –  The major benefit you get with registering with LicenseSEO is linking the Company you choose in your account so we can track your results, get your reviews to them direct, and ensure your protected!

    We do not take commissions and we do not ask you to make payments through us either.

    You could use our service then forget about us BUT you are missing the most important benefit – the opportunity to track results and provide support with the chosen supplier. You have a community behind you to ensure you get outstanding results, and stay protected!

  • Why should I be worried about who I choose? The salesman told me they are the Top Seo and give guaranteed results!

    We are your Watchdog service. We update our clients with Companies that are not doing the right things in the market, Companies who have  gone bankrupt & and we get feedback from our community to quickly warn our database of any issue we hear about.

    Ensure future results by linking your chosen company with your account and we will advise them your part of the LicensedSEO community. This is a great method to ensure your chosen Company knows they have to behave ethically and provide great results!

    Too many salespeople in Marketing Companies sell the sizzle  & will say whatever you need to hear, to get your business.


  • Why don’t I just use Google? – Google is too crowded!

    best seo companies

    Google front page results are made up of usually 4 Adverts that take up half the page and these are usually paid ads by the largest companies, not necessarily the best company for what you might need. Our system allows you to seek and find multiple companies and contact them direct.

    Google is CLUTTERED on its front page now, and that is why Community Niche websites like LicensedSEO are becoming more popular. You can find exactly what you want, quickly and make contact without delays.

    Worse of all, you can often find overseas Companies or Scams online, and we can help protect you against these. Paid adwords also can help trick you into thinking your dealing with the best or reputable company, when they might be sitting somewhere else in the world – about to get hold of your website!

  • Do you gain commissions from your Licensed SEO’s? Will it make the job more expensive?

    We do NOT take commissions from leads sent to the supported Licensed SEO companies like Comparison websites do.

    Unlike the competition where they usually charge 10-15% PER job to the supplier, your always going to get the best possible deal and we don’t take massive cuts !

    Importantly – This means we are not sending you to Companies who pay us massive commissions either!

  • Why can’t we pay the supplier through your Company?

    We are focused on being the world’s largest SEO/Marketing Business Directory which provides real leads to real companies and protect the businesses getting work done.

    We are not engaging large commissions or handling your funds direct. Our main priority is to ensure great functions on our site to make finding the bestSEO companies easy. For our advertised LicensedSEO Marketing Companie’s we need them to be honest and get the best service and ability to grow to the next level.

    For our advertised LicensedSEO Marketing Companie’s we force them to be honest and give the best service.

  • I found a Company who say they will submit my request for quote to 5 SEO services. Why are they different?

    Companies who tell you they will do you a favour and submit to 5 or more companies on your behalf, usually are taking a good commission (just ask them), with no protection after the sale. They have their favoured suppliers for a reason!

    They are usually owned by an SEO service or get paid to go with the biggest not the best for your solution requirement.

    LicensedSEO will remove a Company if they are found to be receiving multiple complaints, and we do not take after sale commissions.