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We have been managing Google AdWords accounts for over 8 years, with clients from all sorts of industries, both big and small. We are also Google Badged Partners, which is the highest level of accreditation. It means we get invited to all of their training events and have access to all of their online resources. Most importantly we have our own Google Relationship Manager who we consult with several times a week. This means our relationship with Google will always help our clients get the very best Google AdWords results because we always use Google’s Best Practices.

Our Paradigm:

Return on Investment
Reach, Clicks & Engagement needs to lead to sales
The landing page is crucial
Integrity is very important to us. We need to work with our clients to make sure we understand their business and deliver results that build their business. Our transparency in reporting and feedback means you know what is happening and we always do our best to help you understand how things are tracking.

Our whole paradigm revolves around Return on Investment. What are you getting for your investment? Your AdWords Reach and Clicks needs to lead to leads and sales. What is the point otherwise? The page that the customer lands on (the landing page) is a critical piece of the puzzle. In most circumstances we recommend building or rebuilding pages to make sure we maximise the web traffic we are receiving and turn them into sales.

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